Eco School

In November 2007 Carlton Central Junior School was awarded Eco School Status.

We have worked really hard to ensure the whole school community is aware of environmental issues that threaten our world and our lives. To date, we have been awarded four Green Flags as recognition of our fantastic environmental work.

During Easter 2009 we had 24 solar panels installed. This has helped reduce our Carbon Footprint and therefore has also helped to stop Global Warming. The Eco Warriors work hard to ensure energy isn’t carelessly wasted and that environmentally friendly procedures are followed by everyone.

As part of the Eco Schools project we have been developing the school grounds to encourage and study local biodiversity. We now have a thriving pond area and a nature trail. To add to this, children have recently created some wonderful animal homes as part of our whole school homework project on ‘Wild Things’.

Other successes in our Eco Schools work have included: a vegetable garden with produce passed on to our school kitchen, recycling of mobile phones and printer cartridges, Eco Days, reduction in all of our energy consumption, helping the Gedling Climate Group to enhance biodiversity in a local cemetery and… a once in a life time achievement of winning a city wide competition to ask the Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Tibet) an environmentally based question when he visited Nottingham’s capital FM Arena back in 2008.

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