Staff and Governors

Miss Wardle – Executive Head

Mrs Sharon Wood – Head of School

Mr Duncan Patchett – Deputy Head Teacher

Miss Cassie Wright – Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Beth Hunter – Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Anne Hall – School Business Leader

Mrs Vicki Belshaw – Clerical Assistant

Mrs Angela Cooke – Clerical Assistant

Mr John Smith – Site Manager


Mr Duncan Patchett, Miss Cassie Wright, Mrs Suzanne Charlesworth, Mrs Lyndsey Howard, Mrs Beth Hunter, Mrs Lauren Willson, Mr Tomas Schofield, Miss Kylie Daly, Mr Richard Cannon, Miss Lucy Hodgson, Miss Annabel Simmons & Miss Alexandra Kerrison.

Teaching Assistants

Miss Marina Beeton, Miss Sarah Lawson, Mrs Julia Phillips, Mrs Angela Spirrett, Mrs Annette Satterley, Dan Huskinson, E.J. Jackson, Mrs Holly Bright, Ms Jennine Stevenson & Mrs Penney Isaacs.

P.E Specialist

Richard Cannon

School Direct Student

Miss Samantha Dawson

Midday Supervisors

Miss Marina Beeton – Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Marilyn Pikett, Dan Huskinson, Mrs Heather Hallam, Mrs Vicki Belshaw, E.J. Jackson, Becky Hutchison & Jayne Gordon  


Mrs Trudy Brown & Mrs Janice Gartlan

Cleaning Staff

Nicola Parkes


Mrs Michelle Sills – Chair of Governors

Staff Headteacher

Miss Julie Wardle- Executive Head

Staff Governors

Mrs Beth Hunter

Mrs Annette Satterley

Parent Governors

Mrs Katrina Smith

Mrs Joanne Bird


Ms Pat Clarke

Mrs Heather Hallam

Martin Kerry

Rev Wendy Murphy

Ms Lynne Thompson (Vice-Chair)

Associate Governors

Mrs Sharon Wood & Mr Duncan Patchett

Further information on the governors, terms of office, monitoring links etc can be found below:

Governors’ Membership & Attendance 2018 19

Link And Monitoring Governors

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