The Carlton Junior Academy’s Choir was first established in 2008 and have performed in a range of concerts. We use the range of harmonies in the Choir to perform a range of diverse vocal performances, from a range of genres and time periods. Carlton Juniors’ school choir is open to all year groups and currently has over 50 members. Over the last few years, the choir have performed at local care homes, at family picnics and at the Albert Hall in Nottingham.

In 2021 and 2022 the choir also travelled to Sheffield Utillita Arena to perform at the Young Voices concert alongside 3000 other children. Young Voices brings together children from across the country, to large arenas to sing together in what is described as the biggest student choir in the world The huge choir event was accompanied by a professional band and celebrity dance group Urban Strides, who have supported the likes of Justin Bieber and shared dance moves before the event for children to learn.

Mrs Worrall helped children to prepare for their big day during weekly rehearsals. “The children were amazing!  They had to learn so many songs and dances all off by heart!  Their enthusiasm and enjoyment shone throughout, and they had a fantastic experience.”

The children will be attending the Young Voices concert again in February 2023.