Carlton Cabinet

What is the Carlton Cabinet?

A School Council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

Every year in September, each class elects two representatives to represent them in the School Council. Our School Council gives children the opportunity to make all their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Find out a little more about your School Ministers …



Hello, my name is Mia. I represent Hazel Class in The Carlton Cabinet. My favourite subjects are Maths and Art because I love times tables and Time Table Rockstars ( I have learnt them all). I am also very creative. I am in charge of Health and Safety as I am the Health and Safety Minister. I am kind, considerate and confident. I will make sure jobs get done around school.


Hi, I am Riley. I love wolves and huskies. I have really good ideas and I am confident. I represent Hazel Class. I enjoy Science because I love investigating things and discovering how things work.



Hello, I am Drew. I am in Oak Class and my favourite subjects are P.E and Maths. I am the Sports Minister. I love playing sports both inside and outside of school. There are many great after school clubs that involve sport, but if you have any more ideas about sport let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 


Hello I am Georgia. I am Oak’s representative and I am Charities Minister. I look forward to planning all the charity events for the school this year. Let’s see how much money we can raise!



Hi, my name is Sadaqat. I am in Rowan Class. I am in the Carlton Cabinet because I am smart and resourceful. My role is the Eco Minister. I am a funny person. My favourite subject is Science because I get to know more about the world around me.


Hello, my name is Abigail. My name is Rowan Class and my favourite subject is Maths because I enjoy puzzles and numbers. I am the Promotions Minister.  I can’t wait to plan activities for this year.

Silver Birch


Hello I am Romey. I am in Silver Birch and my role is extra-curricular Enrichment Minister. If you have any great ideas about after school clubs then let me know. I am very sensible and caring. Also I am very responsible. I love Science and Maths.


Hello. My name is Abigail. I can make friends with anyone as I am a very friendly person. I am confident and energetic. I like animals but I have no pets. I am very happy to represent Silver Birch in the Carlton Cabinet. I am the Resource Minister. It is my job to make sure we have the right resources in school and that everyone is taking care of our resources.



Hi, I am Corbyn. I am in the Carlton Cabinet as my class (Chestnut) think I am respectful and helpful. When someone needs help, I will help them. I enjoy helping people. My favourite subjects are Art and Maths. I also like animals. I have a Chihuahua and two cats.


Hi, my name is Amber and I am in Chestnut Class. I am a Carlton Cabinet member because I am helpful, kind and respectful. I love animals, especially cats. I have three cats. At school I love English and Art lessons. I love school and learning new things. My favourite ice-cream is salted caramel.



Hello, my name is Aidan and I am representing Holly Class. I have one pet tabby cat. I am always happy and I like helping people.



Hello, I am Ruby. I am the Prime Minister.  I am in the Carlton Cabinet because I have brilliant ideas and I can share my ideas really well. I am a very caring and helpful person. I tell great jokes and make people laugh. Also I love doing jobs within the class.  I am very energetic and am great at sports. I have a pet dog called Bella and a rabbit called Black Jack and every weekend I go horse riding.


Hello I am Clayton and I am the Welfare Minister. I enjoy being creative and love art lessons. I also like drama and acting. I like caring for others and that is why I am your Welfare Minister. I am here to look after you and make sure you are happy. 



Hello, I am Reece. I am a Year 6 and in Willow Class this year. I love sport and taking part in different sporting events. Outside of school I attend a Judo club. I have a lot of medals and trophies. I also take part in Parkrun and have achieved two certificates.  Recently I took part in the Ikano Bank Mini Marathon and came 30th out of 2130 people. Also I love playing football.


Hello I am Imaan and I am your Communications Minister. I am brilliant at communicating with others and getting my point across effectively . I enjoy Reading and Maths. 

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