Carlton Cabinet

What is the Carlton Cabinet?

A School Council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

Every year in September, each class elects two representatives to represent them in the School Council. Our School Council gives children the opportunity to make all their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Find out a little more about your School Ministers …

Carlton Cabinet News



Hi! My name is Oakley. I am in Oak Class. My favourite subject is Maths because it is good fun. I am a School Councillor because I am a very confident and organised person.


Hello, I am Ruby.  I am in the Carlton Cabinet because I have brilliant ideas and I can share my ideas really well. I am a very caring and helpful person. I tell great jokes and make people laugh. Also I love doing jobs within the class.  I am very energetic . I love being in Oak Class.



Hi! I am Jaelee.  I love school as there are so many amazing things to do at the Carlton Junior Academy . My favourite subject is Art because I love being creative. I love playing football. I wanted to be a School Councillor because I have good ideas and I can speak really clearly.


Hi! I am Chloe.  I love school. We have amazing teachers who care about us and they make lessons fun and exciting. My favourite lesson is Maths because I am good at Maths. I like taking care of others and making sure people are okay. I think I will make a great School Councillor  because I am a confident speaker.

Silver Birch


Hello, I am Drew. I love sport and I am involved in lots of competitions at school. I became a School Council member because I want to change things within school and make it a better place. I think I have good ideas and I want to help people.


Hello, my name is Evie. I love Maths because I like a challenge and it’s fun.  I love playing sports and get involved in lots of competitions. I like to help people and look after people. I have lots of different and creative ideas, which will make me a great School Council member. I am a very good listener and attend every meeting.



Hello, my name is Reece and I am one of Chestnut’s representatives. I play football inside and outside of school. I have scored lots of goals in my career. I am spectacular at Maths and I love school. I am an excellent School Councillor because I listen carefully and I speak clearly. Also I am a very sensible, responsible and kind person. I am very involved in lots of things at Carlton Junior Academy. 


Hi! My name is Lucy. I am one of Chestnut’s representatives.  I love going outside to learn at school, I also love playing outside with my friends.  I attend lots of clubs outside of school. My favourite subject is Art. I also enjoy Circle Time as I like to listen to other people and learn more about them. I am a good listener and I care about other people. I think I will make a good School Council member because I am smart and I really think carefully about things.



Hi! I am Cohen. I am a confident person and I can speak up and make sure people’s ideas are listened to. I love Maths because it’s one of my favourite subjects and I really enjoy this lesson. Also I am a good role model in school. I love pizza


Hello, my name is Lucia . I think I will be a great School Council member as I will ensure that other people’s ideas are noticed and heard. Also I am very responsible and helpful. I’m so happy and proud to be on The Carlton Cabinet.



Hello, my name is Corey.  I am the Sports Minister. I love P.E. and I often help Mr Cannon in P.E lessons to teach other children key skills. I like helping others. I wanted to be a School Councillor because I believe I can help others and make a difference within school.


I am Mae and I am the Resources Minister. I am a very helpful and friendly person. I have lots of friends within school. I love P.E because you get to have fun and attend competitions. I became a School Council member because I am a caring and trustworthy individual.



Hello, I am Philip and I am the Cuisine Minister. I am a good communicator and leader. I am great at helping others and doing jobs. My favourite lesson is Maths because I find it tricky yet fun. I want to ensure that the school becomes a better place by making some appropriate changes.


Hi! My name is Anis and I am the Prime Minister.  I care very much about the school. I am a confident speaker. I have great listening skills. I will make an excellent School Councillor because I will make sure other people’s voices are heard. My favourite subject is English because I enjoy reading and writing.

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