Successes in our Eco Schools work have included: a vegetable garden with produce passed on to our school kitchen, recycling of mobile phones and printer cartridges, Eco Days, reduction in all of our energy consumption, helping the Gedling Climate Group to enhance biodiversity in a local cemetery and… a once in a life time achievement of winning a city wide competition to ask the Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Tibet) an environmentally based question when he visited Nottingham’s capital FM Arena back in 2008.

What is the Carlton Cabinet?

A School Council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

Every year in September, each class elects two representatives to represent them in the School Council. Our School Council gives children the opportunity to make all their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Find out a little more about your School Ministers …


Hi, my name is Seren. I am in Year 3. I like Writing and I love going to new places. I enjoy playing football and basketball with my friends. I am kind, considerate and confident. I will make sure jobs get done around school.

Hello, I am Max. I am in Year 3. I like Maths lessons. I attend the Handball After-school Club. I am in Hazel Class and I have lots of friends because I am kind and helpful. I like Art and I am very creative. I’m looking forward bringing lots of new ideas to the Carlton Cabinet.


Minister for Promotions 

Hi, my name is Thomas. I am in Oak Class (Year 5). I play for the Carlton Town Football team. I am the Promotions Minister. I can’t wait to be involved in raising money for charities this year.

Minister for Food

Hello, I am Freya. I am Oak’s representative and I am Food Minister. I look forward to making school meals better and helping to organise special lunches. At home I do lots of baking and my Victoria sponge is very tasty. I would love to go on the British Bake Off.


Hi, my name is Sadaqat. I am in Rowan Class. I am in the Carlton Cabinet because I am smart and resourceful.  I am a funny person. My favourite subject is Science because I get to know more about the world around me.

Hello, my name is Abigail. My name is Rowan Class and my favourite subject is Maths because I enjoy puzzles and numbers. I can’t wait to plan activities for this year.

Silver Birch

Hello my name is Oscar and I am the Silver Birch Class representative in the Carlton Cabinet. My favourite subject is P.E because I enjoy running. Also I enjoy French because I get to learn more languages and I hope to travel lots when I am older.

Hello, I am Niamh. I am in Year 4 and in Silver Birch Class. My favourite subject is English and I enjoy Maths too. Outside of school I enjoy gymnastics and dance. I like helping people that is why I will make a good cabinet member.


Hello, my name is Jakub. I represent Chestnut Class in the Carlton Cabinet. My favourite subjects are Science and Art. I like Science because I enjoy taking part in investigations. I love Art because I like drawing and being creative. I am confident to speak and have lots of ideas so can use these skills in the Carlton Cabinet.

Hello, my name is Alexia and I am in Chestnut Class. I love Art and I am really good at it. I have lots of friends and I am a very good listener. I also love Science and undertaking Science experiments. I am a Carlton Cabinet member because I am helpful, kind and respectful.


Hello, my name is Leo. I love football and I enjoy sports. I am a very quick runner and really want to be on the cross country team. I am always happy and my positive attitude helps other people.

Hello, my name is Isabelle. I am really good at ballet because I practise really hard. I love Maths because I love solving problems. I am looking forward to solving problems for the Carlton Cabinet.


Hello, my name is Cameron. I represent Pear Class and I am excited to be in the Carlton Cabinet this year. I have brilliant ideas and I can share them really well. My favourite subjects are Computing and Guided Reading. I love playing sports such as football, cricket and basketball.

Hello, I am Hollie. I am a great swimmer and have to train hard to improve. I am always trying to get better at swimming. I love Science because i love experimenting. I want to change the world and make it a better place.  


Hello, I am Jaedon. I love telling jokes and making people laugh. My favourite subjects are Maths, English and Guided Reading. I have lots of friends and I am always very happy. I am really looking forward to making decisions to improve our school.

Hi, I am Ivanna and I am the Carlton Cabinet representative for Willow Class. I love English, Art and P.E. I like to help people. For example, when people fall out, I like to help them make friends again. I always try to be kind and understanding.

The Carlton Junior Academy’s Choir was first established in 2008 and have performed in a range of local and regional concerts. We use the range of harmonies in the Choir to perform a range of diverse vocal performances, from a range of genres and time periods.

We have also participated in three hugely successful Gedling Schools’ Music Festivals in July when five schools join together for Gedling’s Got the ‘X’factor – we were even winners in 2014! These concerts also include a massed pupil’s choir.

Previously, we have been invited to perform at a concert at Albert Hall, as well as at local schools. We also enjoy sharing our passion with our local community, by performing at Care Homes and other local events.

At Christmas, the choir sang with Mr Vernon Coaker M.P. to record  his Christmas Message.

Sport Outside of School

Many of our children take part in sports and physical activities outside of school and their achievements are celebrated in school times.  Several of our children excel at gymnastics and dance, having won competitions individually and as part of a group.  We have several children that compete in swimming competitions outside of school. Many children play for local football teams and one child has taken part in regional trampolining competitions!

I am keen to find out more about what sports children take part in out of school.  Please email t.schofield@carltonjunior.org.uk if your child competes for a sports club or team out of school.

Mr Schofield – PE Leader

Sports Clubs

ALL CLUBS ARE 3:15 – 4:15

Autumn 1

Year 3/4/5/6 Girls’ Football Club ✓

Year 3/4 Handball Club ✓

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Club ✓

Year 3/4/5/6 Table Tennis Club ✓

Autumn 2

Year 3/4/5/6 Dodgeball Club ✓

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Club ✓

Year 3/4/5/6 Girls’ Football Club ✓

Year 3/4/5/6 Table Tennis Club ✓

Spring 1

Year 3/4/5/6 Girls Football Club ✓

Year 3/4 Gymnastics Club ✓

Year 5/6 Orienteering Club ✓

Year 3/4/5/6 Table Tennis Club ✓

Spring 2

Year 3/4/5/6 Table Tennis Club  – Tuesdays with Mr Schofield

Year 5/6 Football Club – Wednesdays with Mr Huskinson

Year 3/4/5/6 Girls’ Football Club – At Lunchtime with Mr Huskinson


Sports Competitions/Festivals

(Please find events already completed with a tick)

Here are some of the competitions we will be taking part in for the year 2019/2020.  Confirmation of some dates are to follow:

Year 5/6 Football League

Please find below the details for our involvement in the 2019/20 Y5/6 Gedling Football League competitions:

Year 5/6 Boys will play home and away matches against:

  • Burton Joyce
  • Lowdham
  • Parkdale
  • Sacred Heart
  • Colwick St John
  • St Peters

Year 5/6 Girls will play home and away matches against:

  • All Hallows
  • Arnold Mill
  • Arnold View
  • Netherfield
  • Parkdale
  • Richard Bonnington

 Cross Country

Saturday 24th November 2019 – Year 5/6 Cross Country League Meeting ✓

Saturday 7th December 2019 – Year 5/6 Cross Country League Meeting ✓

Table Tennis:

For the second year ever, we hope to take part in in the Carlton Le Willows’ Table Tennis League.  Dates are yet to be announced but fixtures usually run from April through to June.

Pathway Events:

Pathway Events (Competitions) that we will take part in during the year are as follows (several dates TBC):

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Boccia
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Pop Lacrosse
  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Multi-Sports
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Rounders

Please see Mr Schofield for any further details about the competitions and festivals.

Below are links to local sports’ clubs that your child might like to join.












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