At The Carlton Junior Academy, we intend to develop in every child a positive and confident attitude towards Mathematics. Children and staff share a real enthusiasm towards the subject. With the new and changing views of Mathematics, we have taken on the Shanghai-inspired approach of Mastery Maths. This new approach enables children to spend longer on Mathematical topics, focusing on deep sustained learning that focuses on small steps to learning. This allows all children to access the curriculum at the relevant year, pushing those that need challenge and supporting those that have found Maths difficult in the past. With explicit times to teach and to complete independent activities, it gives children the confidence to access the curriculum and work in talk partners to build vocabulary and understanding.

With such importance lying on the fluency of Mathematical skills, we have embedded fluency within our daily lessons. This year, a large focus will be on improving children’s times tables and the school has purchased Times Tables Rock Stars. This is an amazing resource as it encourages children to learn their times tables in an exciting and fun way. The children can battle other students and classes while inadvertently improving rapid recall skills. Please encourage your children to access this at home.

Useful Links

Here are some useful websites for your children to access at home:

BBC Bitesize Maths


Learn Your Tables

Who wants to be a mathionaire?

Moon Maths

Math Brain

IXL (This has lots of fun games based on multiplication as
well as addition and subtraction) (your child’s login should be in their organisers, don’t
hesitate to contact us if there is a problem about this) (helpful guidance on all ks2
topics) (different
times tables games for your child to try) (a good step by step approach to improving
times tables knowledge) (lots of Maths games based
on all the different topics) (hands on approach to learn tables) (Who wants to be a Mathionaire?) (a selection of Maths games)

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