Year 3/4

The following PowerPoint welcomes the new Year 3 into The Carlton Junior Academy.

You will see what your new teachers look like and you will find out what  you first topic will be.

PowerPoint for new Year 3

Year 3

Holly Class

Miss Simmons

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Has 2 Bengal cats and 1 Tabby cat (she’s 20, not quite as old as Miss Daly’s).
  • Miss Simmons loves to sing!
  • She listens to Christmas music all year long.

Hazel Class

Miss Kerrison

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Kerrison sang on a West End stage-wooooo!
  • She loves New York.
  • She has a degree in History.

Year 4

Rowan Class

Mr Patchett

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Patchett is in a rock band called, ‘The Hand Me Downs’.
  • Mr Patchett is a non-meat eater; his favourite dish is a jacket potato with beans and cheese!
  • Mr Patchett has three wonderful children called: Arabella, Emmy and Bodhi.

Silver Birch Class

Mrs Daly

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Daly loves cats and has two at home, they are called Coco and Oliver (Oliver is 22)!
  • Miss Daly is an avid Harry Potter fan and has been to Harry Potter World twice!
  • Miss Daly is engaged and is due to be married in 2018.

Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

Miss Beeton

Mrs Satterley

Mrs Bamford

Mrs Bright

Miss Hart









Mrs Hutchison

Into The Blue

We will dive into world’s oceans and learn of
marine life, habitats and the water cycle.

At The Carlton Junior Academy, we teach a ‘topic based curriculum’ and most subjects are taught in a cross curricular fashion. Teaching in this way creates a more meaningful learning experience for the children as they can apply the knowledge and skills learnt in one subject to others. As part of our ‘Into the Blue’ topic, the following subjects are taught.
In this topic the children will start off using geographical skills and fieldwork techniques to effectively use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to learn the locations and names of all of the world’s oceans. They will then focus on the seascape surrounding the UK and discover how the coastlines are formed by erosion. We will then move on to learn of the many different ways that humans rely on the sea and its precious resources. As part of the school’s ongoing Eco School work, the children will learn about the environmental impact of pollution at sea (especially plastic) and what must be done to prevent this.
The children will begin by identifying and locating water habitats of the UK and learn about the variety of animals and plants that live there. We will compare the coastal habitats of the UK to other ocean habitats such as the Atlantic and the Tropical Coral Reef. The children will then use classification keys to group animals and plants into specific scientific groups depending on observable features.  Following on from this we will study the structure of marine food chains and learn about the importance of microscopic Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. Finally, the children will learn about changing habitats and how this can pose a danger to wildlife.
Art/Design and Technology
We are starting off by developing watercolour painting techniques. The children will learn how to create different tones by controlling the amount of water used. The children will then apply their knowledge to creating their own sea animal picture. During D&T lessons, they will learn how to use levers and linkages to create a sea-themed moving picture.
Each class is focusing on two class books. The first one is ‘The Mousehole Cat’ by Antonia Barber followed by ‘This Morning I Met a Whale’ by Michael Morpurgo. Children will produce several types of writing including: poetry, persuasion, stories set in imaginary worlds, explanations and recounts.
Each child is allocated with a school reading book. This will be at an appropriate level for them. Any reading at home or school should be recorded in their personal organisers. We ask that you share a book with your child each evening for ten minutes. The whole school also takes part in DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) after lunch for 15 minutes. These sessions consist of everyone reading a book of their choice for pleasure, therefore practising the important reading skills needed in everyday life.
Spellings will continue to be given out on Mondays and the spelling test will be on Fridays. This year, spellings will be taught daily and will focus on a specific sound/pattern/rule. Once every half term a whole school spelling event will take place involving learning the spellings from the National Curriculum’s statutory lists.
The children will be learning how to use the computer program Scratch. With Scratch, children can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share their creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps children learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.
At The Carlton Junior Academy we follow the ‘mastery’ approach of teaching maths. Mastery is based on the idea of children not moving on until they are secure in their understanding of a particular concept. Our Maths lessons this term include the following topics: multiplication and division, area and perimeter, addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals and measures. The whole school is continuing to focus on times tables and your help and support in working at home with the children to develop their tables’ knowledge would be much appreciated.
MFL (Modern Foreign Language)
Year 4 classes will continue to be taught French by a specialist teacher from The Carlton Academy. Year 3 classes will be taught French by our own MFL specialist, Miss Hodgson.
PSHE (Personal and Social Health Education)
Being Me In My World This topic covers a wide range of themes, including a sense of belonging, welcoming others and being part of a school community, a wider community, and a global community; it also looks at children’s rights and responsibilities, working and socialising with others and pupil voice.
The children will learn about religious stories and understand the impact these stories have on Christian lives. The children will move on to create their own story that shows what they believe about creation. Following on from this, we will discuss the impact music can have on people. They will explore Christian music and consider issues important to them and the world we live in. Finally, the children will create a song with the purpose of encouraging people to clean up the oceans.
During the Spring Term the children will learn skills in Gymnastics and Dance. Mrs Sills (who runs her own performing arts school) will continue to teach Dance to all Year 3/4 classes.
We have an exciting new, award winning, Music scheme called Charanga. The scheme provides high quality music lessons based around specific songs. Year 3 music lessons will be focusing on ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’ and Year 4 will focus on the Abba hit ‘Mamma Mia’.
British Values
Throughout our topic the children will learn the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. The importance of laws and mutual respect will be promoted continuously through the school’s behavior policy. Children will learn the importance of responsibility and
relationships when reading our class book The Mousehole Cat. We will discuss choices about how we spend our free time and where we choose to go on holiday. Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs will be taught during RE lessons when discussing creation stories.
Educational Visits and other curricular events
On Monday 20th January all classes were involved in a D&T day. The day will involve children carefully preparing the ingredients for a healthy sandwich or wrap. On Tuesday 21st January we are hosting a Hindu workshop that will enrich children’s learning of Hindu festivals and religious practices.
Whole School Homework.
Homework continues to be given out on a Tuesday. Maths is given out every Tuesday and the children have one week to complete it. Maths homework is always linked to the topic studied. Spellings are given out every Monday. Other homework tasks are set throughout the year and have a more creative element. The children get longer to complete these tasks as they are
encouraged to produce their very best ‘take care’ pieces.

Here are some links of websites enabling your child to research and further understand the topic:


Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you require any further information.

Thank you for your continued support

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