Year 3/4

Year 3

Mr Patchett

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Patchett is in a rock band called, ‘The Hand Me Downs’.
  • Mr Patchett is a non-meat eater; his favourite dish is a jacket potato with beans and cheese!
  • Mr Patchett has three wonderful children called: Arabella, Emmy and Bodhi.

Miss Daly

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Daly loves cats and has two at home, they are called Coco and Oliver (Oliver is 22)!
  • Miss Daly is an avid Harry Potter fan and has been to Harry Potter World twice!
  • Miss Daly is engaged and is due to be married in 2018.

Year 4

Miss Simmons

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Has 2 Bengal cats and 1 Tabby cat (she’s 20, not quite as old as Miss Daly’s).
  • Miss Simmons loves to sing!
  • She listens to Christmas music all year long.

Miss Kerrison

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Kerrison sang on a West End stage-wooooo!
  • She loves New York.
  • She has a degree in History.

Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

Miss Beeton, Mr Huskinson, Mrs Spirrett, Mrs Satterley, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Bright.

What we will be learning



The children will learn how different types of rock are created and will be able to identify the different features of rocks. They will also learn how different rocks can be useful depending on their specific properties. The children will then learn how soil is created and will engage in scientific investigations into separating out the different components of soil.


Art/Design and Technology

We are starting off researching Stone Age cave paintings and learning how to re-create the ancient techniques using charcoal. Then the children will design and make their own scale models of a typical Stone Age statue. They will learn how to use clay to create their sculptures and also how to select the appropriate sculpting tools for the job.



Each class is focusing on our class book, ‘The Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura followed by the classic ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. Children will produce several types of writing including: diaries, explanations, letters, mystery stories and non-chronological reports.


Each child is allocated with a school reading book. This will be at an appropriate level for them. Any reading at home or school will be recorded in their personal organisers. We ask that you share a book with your child each evening for ten minutes.


Spellings will continue to be given out on Mondays and the spelling test will be on Fridays. This year, spellings will be taught daily and will focus on a specific sound/pattern/rule.



In this topic the children will start off learning about late Neolithic (Stone Age) hunter-gatherers and early farmers. They will also learn about early religions, technology and even Stone Age travel. Moving on to the Bronze Age, the children will learn about the early Celtic tribal kingdoms and all that was involved in their culture.



We are using exciting software called Scratch to create a program which includes sequence. The children will learn how to change their chosen avatar and manipulate its movements to create a dance sequence. They will also experiment with using repeated instructions to create shapes and patterns.



At The Carlton Junior Academy we follow the ‘mastery’ approach of teaching maths. Mastery is based on the idea of children not moving on until they are secure in their understanding of a particular concept. The whole class is taught the same thing, at the same time, with children learning at an appropriate level through support and enrichment. Challenge is offered through higher order questioning and activities that develop deeper understanding, problem solving and reasoning skills.


This term we start with learning written methods for subtraction and addition and how to apply these methods when solving real life word problems. Estimating and comparing measures comes next, followed by constructing and interpreting different types of graphs. Then it’s Fractions where the children learn how to recognise equivalent and decimal forms, Measurements, Multiplication and Division. The whole school is still focusing on times tables and children will be challenged to recall each times table (up to x12) in less than twenty seconds. Your help and support in working at home with the children to develop their tables’ knowledge would be much appreciated.


PSHCE (Personal and Social Health and Citizenship Education)

Going For Goals. The children will learn about their individual learning styles and will set themselves personal goals.

They will be encouraged to foresee obstacles and to plan to overcome them when setting these goals. Coping strategies to manage frustration and stress will be taught and practised.



The children will again focus on religions found in the local area and will learn about the important values that each religion is based on. This will be linked to customs and values of the earliest Stone Age religions.


MFL (Modern Foreign Language)

Mrs Hunter will be teaching conversational Spanish to all Y3/4 classes.



This term we are starting off with gymnastics then moving on to multi-skills and finally dance.


British Values

Throughout our topic the children will learn the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. The importance of laws and mutual respect will be promoted through our story The Stone Age Boy when establishing jobs for the Stone Age community. Children will learn the importance of individual liberty when working on cave paintings and exploring ways of self-expression. Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs will be taught during RE lessons.


Other Curricular events this term

On 26th February the children will take part in our ‘Stone Age Day’. The day will involve everyone dressing up as a cave man/woman and taking part in educational activities such as cave painting and Mammoth hunting. Also Holly Class with be presenting their ‘Rock on Through the Ages’ assembly on Wednesday 6th March – we hope to see you there!

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