Year 5/6

Year 5

Chestnut Class

Mrs Willson

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite subject: Art because I love being creative and Maths as I love being challenged.

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling.

Best holiday: San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas as we were able to see so many different things such as the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate bridge.

Interesting fact: I have travelled to 4 continents so far and would love to go to Australia.

Mrs Tait

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite subject: Art and English

Favourite book: Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett

Best holiday: Borneo because I got to see orangutans in the wild.

Interesting fact: I have done two sky dives and I have two cats called Bert and Ernie.

Oak Class

Mr Schofield

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite subject: PE

Favourite book: Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart

Best holiday: USA

Interesting fact: I used to swim for Loughborough Town and I am the leading scorer for my football team.

Year 6

Pear Class

Mrs Charlesworth

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite subject: English

Favourite book: War Horse

Best holiday: Paris

Interesting fact: I have swam in a lake with snakes.

Miss Hodgson

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite subject: English and French because I love Languages.

Favourite book: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Best holiday: South America where I went to the Rio Carnival.

Interesting fact: I love baking and craft activities..

Willow Class

Mrs de Gilbert

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite subject: English because I love reading amazing stories and then trying to write my own.

Favourite book: The Raging Quiet

Best holiday: New Orleans because I was able to eat great food and listen to lots of jazz music.

Interesting fact: I have fed a tiger and swam with a shark

Year 5 and 6 Teaching Assistants 

Mr Huskinson

Miss Lawson

Ms Lancaster

What we are doing this term:

In Year 5 and 6 we will be learning about The Victorians, focusing in particular to the Industrial Revolution. This focus will be looked at in a range of different curriculum areas. Our English lessons are linked to our ‘The Age of Great Change’ topic. The children will produce a range of exciting writing such as: newspaper articles about Queen Victoria and diary entries as though they were a child living in the Victorian Era. Each class will also be reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty as their Power of Reading book. In History and Geography we will be focusing on the Victorians and the Industrial Revolution. We will study this fascinating civilisation and learn about the impact this had on society and the wider world. In R.E., we will be learning about ‘wisdom’ where we will be comparing religious wisdom to the wisdom of Victorians (for example Alexander Graham Bell).  In Art we are continuing to learn about different artists, this term we are focusing on the famous William Morris and his contribution to the Victorian Era. We will be focusing on the skill of printing to help us to recreate our own pieces.

We are looking at another famous Victorian to help us focus on structure in D.T. this term, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This term in Science, Year 5 and 6 will be looking at inheritance; how and why we look the way we do based on our genetics and parents. This is also true for animals- we will be looking at how animals have adapted to suit their surroundings and in particular the story of the Peppered Moth. After half term, we will investigate the different properties of materials and how materials can go through reversible and irreversible changes.

Here are some links of websites for your child to do extra research to help them better understand the topic:

Thank you for your continued support

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