Year 5/6

Summer Curriculum Letter 2018 Year 5-6

Spring Curriculum Letter 2018 Year 5-6

Meet the  new Year 5/6 team for the year.  Here are a few facts about each member of our team:

Mrs Willson-Chestnut

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite subject: Art, as she loves drawing and Maths, as she loves a challenge.

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or anything by James Patterson.

Best holiday: Her honeymoon to California and Las Vegas.

Interesting fact: She loves to bake cupcakes and makes cards in her spare time.


Mr Schofield- Oak

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite subject: PE

Favourite book: Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart

Best holiday: USA

Interesting fact: He used to swim for Loughborough Town and is the leading scorer for his football team.


Mrs Charlesworth- Pear

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite subject: English

Favourite book: War Horse

Best holiday: Paris

Interesting fact: She has swam in a lake with snakes.


Mrs Tait- Pear

Favourite colour: Fuchsia

Favourite subject: Art

Favourite book: Annabel and Bryony by Marjorie Phillips

Best holiday: Borneo

Interesting fact: She has survived two sky dives; one in Australia and one in Dubai.


Miss Wright- Willow

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite subject: English because she loves reading and writing.

Favourite book: The Raging Quiet.

Best holiday: Rome

Interesting fact: She has fed a tiger and swam with a shark.

Welcome to the Autumn Term! This term our topic is ‘The Age of Great Change’. This is based on the Victorian Era and the famous Industrial Revolution. We will be focusing on the life of Queen Victoria from her coronation to her death, what life was like for children in Victorian times and all about the advancements made during the Industrial Revolution. Also we will be looking at the work of William Morris in Art, making carousels in Design and Technology and learning about filtration in Science.

For more information, please read our Curriculum Newsletter:

Autumn Curriculum Letter 2017

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