School uniform can be obtained from:

My Clothing (online only, but we recieve a donation for every purchase)

Just-Schoolwear (store in Arnold)

School Shoes Clarks

Clarks in Nottingham hope to be re-opening 12th April. They’re currently booking appointments so you can avoid the queues!

Daily uniform
 Red sweatshirt, jumper, fleece or cardigan (logo preferred).
 Red polo shirt (logo preferred).
 Black, grey or navy blue, straight leg trousers or skirts (at least knee length).
 No jeans or tracksuit bottoms or leggings.
 Securely fastening black flat-heeled shoes (no luminous laces or trainers).
However, during the colder months pupils may wear plain, flat, black boots (but
not Ugg style). In summer flat, securely fastening sandals in black, navy, red or
white may be worn
 Plain socks & thick tights to match uniform colours (no flesh coloured tights or
luminous/neon socks are allowed).
 In summer trouser style shorts in black, grey or navy (at least knee length) may
be worn (not football or PE shorts) and girls may wear a red and white, academy
style, summer dress if preferred.
 Headwear worn for religious reasons must be plain black.

PE – no branded logos (e.g. Nike) on any items
 Black shorts.
 Plain white round neck T shirt or white polo shirt.
 Children work in bare feet for dance/gymnastics but will need trainers, either blue
or black or white (no luminous laces) for indoor and outdoor games activities.
 In winter children may wear a plain black, blue or grey tracksuit for outside
 Drawstring bags are by far the best bag for storing PE kit.
All uniform and PE kit should be labelled with names.

PE Kit Letter 15th October 2020