Welcome from the Chair

Dear Parents and Friends,

At the Carlton Junior Academy, Governors, staff, parents and children work together in a happy, creative and high attaining environment; with our core values of excellence, determination, respect, relationships and responsibility underpinning everything that we do.

The Governing Body is involved with our school at every level. This includes finance, safeguarding, premises management and staff appointments. As Governors, we consider our most important role to be the safety, welfare and education of our pupils.

The children in our school achieve high standards across the curriculum. We are justifiably very proud of them and would like to thank the parents who encourage and support their children so admirably. In a good school, such as ours, parents take a great interest in their child’s learning and development so together “We Grow Greatness.”

Governors are appointed to ensure that objectives are met, and that future planning is both visionary and realistic. We provide strategic direction for the improvement of the school; monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school; and hold the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education. We are here to support and encourage our Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and all school personnel to ensure that every one of our children has access to an enriched education and to all the opportunities that they deserve.

The priorities for school improvement, this academic year, are as follows:

1. Reduce the achievement gap between disadvantaged pupils and others across all year groups in Maths, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (GPS) and Reading.
2. Continue to develop good practice in phonics, focusing on Year 3 catch-up.
3. Review the wider curriculum and enrichment opportunities.
4. Improve children’s memory and recall strategies.

Should you wish to contact me to discuss any matter further, I can be reached via the school office.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible throughout the school year.

Best regards

Michelle Sills

If you would like to get in contact with The Chair of Governors  please call  on 0115 9110402, email Michelle Sills at or ask at the school office.


Trust Scheme of Delegation 2020-2021

Supplemental Funding Agreement

For other Trust-level documents, including financial information & Trust Accounts, please click here.


Mrs Michelle Sills – Chair of Governors

Staff Headteacher

Mrs Sharon Wood

Staff Governors

Mrs Beth Hunter

Mrs Annette Satterley

Parent Governors

Vanessa Alhinho

Mrs Bibiana Sokal-Green


Mrs Jo Bird

Ms Pat Clarke

Mrs Heather Hallam

Martin Kerry

Rev Wendy Murphy

Ms Lynne Thompson (Vice-Chair)

Associate Governor

Mr Duncan Patchett


Further information on the governors can be found below:

NameHow appointedDate of appointment or last reappointmentTerm of officeBusiness/pecuniary interests declaredGovernance roles in other educational institutionsAttendance 2020/2021
Vanessa AlhinhoParent28/01/20214 yearsNoneNone4/4
Jo BirdCommunity08/02/20204 yearsProvides music tuition at The Carlton Infant AcademyNone3/6
Helen CareyParent15/11/2019 - Resigned with effect from 06/11/204 yearsNoneNone0/1
Patricia ClarkeCommunity01/04/20194 yearsNoneNone5/6
Heather HallamCommunity14/11/20214 yearsWorks as an MDSA at this schoolNone4/6
Beth HunterStaff03/11/20214 yearsNoneNone6/6
Martin KerryCommunity24/06/20194 yearsNoneNone6/6
Wendy MurphyCommunity26/01/20214 yearsNoneNone2/6
Duncan PatchettAssociate07/10/2017 - Term has ended4 yearsNoneNone4/6
Annette SatterleyStaff01/09/20184 yearsNoneNone6/6
Michelle SillsCommunity19/05/20204 yearsProvides PPA cover & runs an after-school Dance Club at this schoolNone6/6
Bibiana Sokal-GreenParent15/11/20194 yearsNoneNone6/6
Lynne ThompsonCommunity27/09/20204 yearsNoneNone5/6
Sharon WoodStaff Headteacher01/09/2019 - ex-officion/aNoneNone6/6