Our Year 5 Curriculum

Why not have a look at our curriculum maps and see what you will be learning this year? Where will our learning journey take you?

Curriculum Map Whole Year Journey – Year 5

Curriculum Overview Year 5 Autumn

Curriculum Overview Year 5 Spring

Curriculum Overview Year 5 Summer

Year 5

Plum Class

Silver Birch Class

Miss Hickling

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite subject: Art and Science

Favourite book: The Wizard of Oz

Best holiday: Vietnam

Interesting fact: I have fed and swam with Elephants.

Mrs Daly

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mrs Daly loves cats and has a tortoiseshell cat called Coco.
  • Mrs Daly is an avid Harry Potter fan and has been to Harry Potter World twice! She has also been to the Harry Potter studio tour four times.
  • Mrs Daly best holiday was sailing around the Mediterranean where she got to visit Italy and eat lots of yummy lasagne and gelato.

Year 5 Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Tolley


Ms Evans

TA – Plum Class

Mrs Bamford


Mrs Hutchison

TA – Silver Birch Class

Our topic this term is based around Gedling. What we are teaching is outlined in the attached Curriculum Newsletter. Click on the following links to deepen your knowledge about the different areas of the curriculum we will be covering: