Our Year 4 Curriculum

Why not have a look at our curriculum maps and see what you will be learning this year? Where will our learning journey take you?

Curriculum Map Whole Year Journey Year 4

Curriculum Overview Year 4 Autumn

Curriculum Overview Year 4 Spring

Curriculum Overview Year 4 Summer

Year 4

Holly Class

Miss Simmons

Three Interesting Facts:

  • I went Skydiving for her 21st birthday!
  • I swam with dolphins in Orlando, America.
  • My favourite time of the year is Christmas. However my favourite season is Summer.

Year 3 & 4 Team Leader

Hazel Class

Mrs Worrall

Three Interesting Facts:

  • I sang on a West End stage-wooooo!
  • I love New York.
  • I have a degree in History.

Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Evans

Mrs Alexanderek

Mrs Hutchison

Spring Term

This term’s topic is called ‘Desert Discoveries’, we will discover the wonders of the Desert. We will locate an Egyptian empire and use primary and secondary resources to give reasons and gain information. As well as this, we will place the Egyptian civilisation on a timeline and explain key events.

In Geography we are focussing on the continent of Africa. We will use maps, globes, atlases and Google Earth to locate countries, mountain ranges, capitals, rivers and oceans of Africa. We will make connections between the equator and the tropics and Africa. We will also use 4 figure grid references to read maps.

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For our Science topic, we are looking ‘Animals including Humans’. To begin with, children will develop their disciplinary skills by: gathering and recording information, classifying living things in a variety of ways and identifying similarities and differences related to scientific ideas. Along with this, children will deepen their understanding of their substantive knowledge by describing the functions of the digestive system, identifying different types of human teeth and construct food chains.

Animals including humans





Religious Education

Symbols and Religious Expression: Hinduism & Judaism

This term, children will continue to look at symbols and religious expression in Hinduism and Judaism. Children will write thoughtfully about a special place, consider why people go on pilgrimages and research the significance of the Western Wall.

Symbols and Religious Expression: Hinduism & Judaism links




Our topic this term is ‘Settlers’, in which we will be studying the Anglo-Saxon Era and their ability to settle in Britain. We will explore ancient artefacts, kings and queens, among other aspects, for children to be able to answer our big question “Were the Anglo-Saxons skilled or lucky?”.

Geography this term will develop pupil’s exploration skills, by travelling around the world to identify which biome is the most important and why we should look after it. We will learn about the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Each week we will explore a different biome, including: the tundra, desert, grassland and tropical rainforest.

The Curriculum Newsletter outlines further details as to what we will be learning during the Autumn Term.