Year 4

Rowan Class

Mr Patchett

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Patchett is in a rock band called, ‘The Hand Me Downs’.
  • Mr Patchett is a non-meat eater; his favourite dish is a jacket potato with beans and cheese!
  • Mr Patchett has three wonderful children called: Arabella, Emmy and Bodhi.

Silver Birch Class

Mrs Daly

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Daly loves cats and has two at home, they are called Coco and Oliver (Oliver is 22)!
  • Miss Daly is an avid Harry Potter fan and has been to Harry Potter World twice!
  • Miss Daly is engaged and is due to be married in 2018.

Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hutchison

Miss Lancaster

Ms Wragg

Our Summer term topic is ‘We’ll meet again’, where we will be studying World War 2. Our key question is ‘What parallels can we draw between our lives and lives of people within World War 2?’ We will learn when and why World War II began and find out about the key individuals and countries involved. In addition to this, they will discover what it was like for people on the home front and how they contributed to the war effort. 

In World War 2, many people built bomb shelters to protect themselves during air raids. Different types of bomb shelters were available during the way- Anderson and Morrison shelters. You could research the advantages and disadvantages about each one.