Year 3

The following PowerPoint welcomes the new Year 3 into The Carlton Junior Academy.

You will see what your new teachers look like and you will find out what  you first topic will be.

PowerPoint for new Year 3

Curriculum Letters

Topic Letter Yr3 Autumn 2020

Year 3

Holly Class

Miss Simmons

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Has 2 Bengal cats and 1 Tabby cat (she’s 20, not quite as old as Miss Daly’s).
  • Miss Simmons loves to sing!
  • She listens to Christmas music all year long.

Hazel Class

Miss Kerrison

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Kerrison sang on a West End stage-wooooo!
  • She loves New York.
  • She has a degree in History.

Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bamford

Ms Magda Aleksanderek

Mrs Sam Griffiths

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