Year 5

Chestnut Class

Mrs Willson

Chestnut Class

Miss Hickling

Oak Class

Mr Mateo

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite subject: Art because I love being creative and Maths as I love being challenged.

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling.

Best holiday: San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas as we were able to see so many different things such as the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate bridge.

Interesting fact: I have travelled to 4 continents so far and would love to go to Australia.

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite subject: Art and Science

Favourite book: The Wizard of Oz

Best holiday: Vietnam

Interesting fact: I have fed and swam with Elephants.

Year 5 Teaching Assistants 

Miss Beeton

TA in Chestnut Class

Mrs Satterley

TA in Oak Class

Our topic this term is ‘Gifted Greeks’. What we are teaching is outlined in the attached Curriculum Newsletter. Click on the following links to learn even more about the different areas of the curriculum we will be covering:

History- The Greeks

Geography- Rivers

Science- Forces

Science- Earth and Space

Art- Ancient Greek Art and Sculpture

Design and Technology- Programming

Music- Music notation