The following PowerPoint welcomes the new Year 3 into The Carlton Junior Academy.

You will see what your new teachers look like and you will find out what  you first topic will be.

PowerPoint for new Year 3

Year 3

Rowan Class

Mr Patchett

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Patchett is in a rock band called, ‘The Hand Me Downs’.
  • Mr Patchett is a non-meat eater; his favourite dish is a jacket potato with beans and cheese!
  • Mr Patchett has three wonderful children called: Arabella, Emmy and Bodhi.

Maple Class

Mr Mateo

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite Subject: PE

Favourite Book: Moby Dick

Best Holiday: Road trip around California in America

Interesting Facts: I am in the top 2% of FIFA players in the world.

Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mr Huskinson

This term’s topic is called ‘Rock On Through The Ages’, whereby we will be investigating which period of time was best to live. To do this the children will develop their understanding of both The Stone Age and Iron Age through exploring key events and studying artefacts. Did you know there were four different types of humans in the Stone Age? Click on the links to the sites and videos below to find out more facts about this exciting topic.